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Welcome to the IIC&M

.At the  IIC&M, we are dedicated to raising the standards of
Coaching and Mentoring worldwide.

As someone interested in or a beginner to Coaching and Mentoring, you will find a plethora of information – whether it is about coaching or mentoring, about connecting with existing coaches and mentors, about finding an accredited coach/mentor training program or simply experiencing the latest in the field of coaching and mentoring.

As an existing or upcoming Coach or Mentor, an accreditation from the IIC&M will put you in the league of highly qualified coaches and mentors.  An accreditation with the IIC&M is your seal of quality which assures your clients and perspective clients of highest standards. Being showcased as an IIC&M accredited coach or mentor on our website works as marketing tool for your services translating enquiries into business for you.  Expect to stay abreast of the latest in the fast growing coaching and mentoring industry. We present hosts of opportunities to upgrade your skills through our regular features like newsletters, education programs, webinars, networking opportunities, etc

As a school teaching coaching and mentoring skills you can get your courses and workshops accredited with us.  As we follow strict and high standards and ethics for program accreditation, your prospective students can be assured of quality training with you. Accreditation for your course or workshop by the IIC&M is one of the most powerful unique selling points (USPs) you have for attracting new students to your courses or workshops.

Looking for a Coach or Mentor? As an individual or an organisation, you will find large number of options open to you for hiring experienced coaches or mentors.

Looking for a Coach or Mentor Training Course or Workshop?  You will find a large number of options for worlds best coaching and mentoring programs accredited by the IIC&M.

The IIC&M exists to fulfil a number of functions:

  • To support all coaches, mentors, and students worldwide
  • To support all coaching and mentoring training organisations worldwide
  • To be a resource centre for everyone interested in the wonderful, powerful, life changing phenomenon known as coaching and mentoring
  • To provide a platform of support and guidance for all our members, with coaches, mentors, and teams worldwide to assist them
  • To be a source of continuing education for all of our members, accredited and professional coaches and mentors, through our resources, education, and events
  • To provide our associate members, accredited and professional coaches and mentors, with a friendly caring home that will look after and take care of them and also provide countless resources and a large comprehensive benefits programme
  • To help our members engage on a path of growth and education through our regular communications, our white papers, and our highly thought of interactive webinars.