Supports a client move from where they are today to where they want to be in the future.  tick  tick
Working with the client to support the client in defining their own goal or goals.  tick  tick
Providing a level of support while allowing the client to make their own decisions, take their own selected actions, and successful achieve their own goals.  tick  tick
Learns skills to elicit answers i.e. questioning.  tick
Works with the client to take one step at a time to achieve their goal.  tick  tick
Non-judgemental.  tick  tick
Non-directional.  tick

Is allowed to use their own experience and knowledge to provide examples and make suggestions.

Can work in any industry or with any topic.  tick

A mentor can only work in an industry or with a topic in which they have knowledge and experience.

Uses their knowledge and experience to provide examples or make suggestions.

A coach is trained to use skills which elicit answers from the client, whether the coach understands the answers or not.

Believes that the client has their own answers.  tick  tick
Retains confidentiality.  tick  tick
Upholds the industry Code of Standards and Ethics.  tick  tick

Issue 1:  May, 2014

webinar recorded: January, 2016

webinar recorded: June, 2015