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The distinction between an Accredited Coach/Mentor and a Professional Coach/Mentor creates a pathway to help raise the awareness of what it means to be an accredited coach/mentor with an independently recognised standard and a professional coach/mentor with the same independently recognised standard but who also maintains their Continuous Professional Development.



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The only coaches and mentors found on this Directory are those who have been awarded an IIC&M Accreditation relevant to their training, qualification and experience or IIC&M Professional status relevant to their training, qualification, experience, and current and on-going Continuous Professional Development.

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How can a coach best serve their client/coachee?

How do you measure your impact/effectiveness?

What coaching do you receive?

What could you do better?

Why are you a coach?

What trends are you noticing?

Do they matter?

What really makes a difference to a coaching relationship?

How important is supervision?

How important is certification/accreditation?

What gives you the right to call yourself a coach?

What methodology do you follow?

What tools and techniques work best for you?

What else could you do to enhance the effectiveness of your coaching?

What should people look for in a coach?

Coaching and mentoring, is there really a difference?

If so, what is it?

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