IIC&M’s Directory of Professional and Accredited Coaches

As part of the membership for Professional and Accredited Coaches, the IIC&M provides you with the opportunity to find a coach or verify a coaches details in the IIC&M’s Directory of Professional and Accredited Coaches.

Only Coaches who have been awarded their Accreditation or Professional Membership with the IIC&M are displayed in the IIC&M’s Directory.  Accredited Coaches are able to demonstrate their level of training and experience, whereas Professional Coaches are able to demonstrate their level of training, experience, and current up-to-date Continuing Professional Development.

This service provides you with the assistance in identifying and selecting the coach or coaches best suited to your requirements.

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How do you select your Coach?

The IIC&M is an independent, officially recognised, and preferred Accreditation Body, comprised of Professional and Accredited Coaches; and Accredited Coaching Courses and Workshops; who comply with the IIC&M’s internationally recognised Standards and Ethics, to promote best practice and raise awareness.  The skill sets, competencies, standards, and ethics defined for the IIC&M are designed by mutual agreement between Coaches from across the world.  These coaches have made the commitment to design, build, and maintain the highest standards you would expect in any profession.

Coaching and Mentoring each have their own unique set of skills.  As neither industry is formally regulated, there are many individuals and organisations representing themselves as coaches, mentors, or coaching/mentoring training organisations; where some of these are individuals without any formal coach-specific or mentor-specific training.  In some cases they will be transferring their skills from other professions into their Coaching or Mentoring.  Coaches and Mentors often have to ‘unlearn’ old skills from their previous professions before they can competently learn the skills required for to be an effective coach or mentor.  Therefore selecting to work with a coach or mentor who has no formal coach or mentor training, may result in an inadequate or in-effective coaching or mentoring experience for you.

So if you are considering hiring a coach the IIC&M’s How to Hire a Coach below details some of the questions you could ask as well as what coach specific training have the undergone and what qualification and subsequent accreditation level have they achieved?  Deciding whether a coach is competent cannot be defined by the fees that they charge or by non-coach specific training.  It is important that you select the right Coach for you and/or your organisation. The end result will depend upon it.

The Coach you select will hold you, or the person in your organisation working with the Coach, accountable for reaching the desired results.  Make an informed choice by considering these questions before making your final decision:

  1. What specific coaching experience does the Coach have?
  2. What specific coach training does the Coach have?
  3. Has the Coach provided independent verification of their coach training and experience?
    This can be demonstrated by all the IIC&M’s Professional and Accredited Coaches.
  4. What type of experience / background do you want your Coach to have?
  5. What experience is a pre-requisite to understanding the complexity of your scenario?
  6. What style of coaching are you looking for?
  7. Has the Coach satisfactorily provided details of their experience?
  8. Is the Coach transparent about their coaching?
  9. What references, testimonials, or feedback does the Coach provide?
    You should be able to see this information on the IIC&M’s Directory of Professional and Accredited Coaches, or contact your selected Coach for more information.
  10. Does the Coach understand the brief and boundaries of what you are searching for?
  11. How clear are you about the differences between Coaching, Mentoring, and Training; and which meet your exact needs?
    Click here to understand the differences between Coaching and Mentoring.
    Click here to read the definition of Coaching, Mentoring, Training and other therapies.
  12. Does the Coach belong to a Professional Coaching Body?
    If your selected Coach is on the IIC&M’s Directory of Professional and Accredited Coaches then they do belong to a Professional Coaching Body.  If they do not appear on the IIC&M’s Directory of Professional and Accredited Coaches, what other Professional Coaching Body do they belong to?
  13. Does the Coach have Professional Indemnity Insurance?
    Although in some countries Professional Indemnity Insurance is not mandatory, the IIC&M recommends that each Coach has Professional Indemnity Insurance.
  14. What is your anticipated length of commitment for this coaching relationship?
  15. What procedures does the Coach have in place to formalise the coaching relationship?
  16. What format of coaching are you looking for?
    Face-2-Face … Telephone … Internet … Email … Individual … Group … Team
  17. Does the Coach provide an introductory session that allows you to know whether you could effectively communicate with this Coach?

To ensure a positive outcome, it is important that you and your Coach are a ‘good fit’, that you feel motivated, and are comfortable being challenged by them.  Therefore, we suggest that you interview a number of Coaches.