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Accredited Senior Coach (IIC&M)

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31st May, 2018



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A few words from Alina

A few words from Alina

 Alina Ionescu PPC, ASC, SFBC, MBA, BEE is your Business & Life Coach.

Alina profoundly understands her clients’ challenges, as she brings in coaching a wide business experience, of more than 18 years, in different multinational companies, and also as a Summa Cum Laude MBA graduate of two prestigious business schools, EHEC Montreal & University of Ottawa.

While working in top management positions she coordinated budgets of tens of millions of Euro and helped tens of people to grow, both professionally and personally, through organizational development and talent & performance management programs.

Alina’s coaching style is sharp, pragmatic, still intuitive, having its roots in her extended business and people management experience, thus bringing clarity, action oriented energy and, last but sure not the least, a smile on her clients’ faces. This makes the process of vision clarification easier for them and allows tackling those issues that prevent an individual from reaching his/her full potential.

Her Vision, as a Coach, is to help people become unstoppable in living and growing a fulfilling life. Her Mission is to help each client to identify own Mission, to use their potential to the max, to focus their attention on and to achieve their most challenging, still measurable, professional and personal goals, aligned with own core values and beliefs.

Alina loves to permanently refine her coaching style, through continuous study, reading, training and supervision. By doing so, she lives her own values of authenticity and contribution to the max. This allows her to accompany her clients with passion and enthusiasm and to offer them that special space in which they can feel respected, challenged, appreciated and encouraged to discover and become everything that they can really be.

Type of Coaching or Mentoring

Type of Coaching or Mentoring


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Contact Alina

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