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Accredited Practitioner Coach (IIC&M)

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28th February, 2018



This is the country in which the coach, mentor, or their business is located.
This does not mean that the Coach or Mentor restricts their business to just this business location.

United Kingdom




A few words from Anne

A few words from Anne

I am a fully qualified IIC&M accredited Practitioner Coach working with clients on both a personal and professional level. I particularly enjoy working with confidence issues to help clients ‘find their voice’ and feel empowered. I have worked in the personal and business sector for many years and am able to support clients to develop themselves personally and professionally. My clients are able to achieve far more than they often expect and learn a great deal about themselves throughout the process.

I originally worked in the Marketing Industry becoming a Media Buyer in my twenties. However, I was later drawn to working with individuals on self-development and retrained becoming a Psychotherapist and Coach working with individuals to develop their confidence and careers. I work in Lytham and Preston in Lancashire but also provide Skype coaching overseas and throughout the UK. In addition to my coaching, I also offer coaching workshops, am a writer, broadcaster and trainer promoting confidence building techniques.

My clients range from college students and young mum’s to company directors, actors and professional sportspeople. We are all ‘essentially the same’ and can all benefit from a dedicated coach to help us remain focussed on our goals and to keep us moving forward towards achievement. I LOVE my job….nothing makes me happier

Type of Coaching or Mentoring

Type of Coaching or Mentoring


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Contact Anne

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