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Accredited Master Coach (IIC&M)
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31st October, 2018



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Sri Lanka




A few words from Charuni

A few words from Charuni

”Dr. Charuni L. Senanayake, M.B.B.S (PRC), M.P.H (UK), AMC (IIC&M), AMM (IIC&M) is a rare Medical Coach, Executive Coach, Mentor and a Leadership Trainer for children and youth;

Charuni has a mixed background of experience from clinical Medicine, Public Health, Programme Management, to Coaching and Mentoring, which makes her unique and to deliver the best results in all interventions. Her experience within UN agency for Health (World Health Organization) has given her ample opportunities for growth in Organizational Reforms, Change Management, Strategic Planning, Donor Coordination etc. which allows her to serve the Corporate level clients.

Charuni truly believe s in the results of Coaching and deeply cares for her clients. Her clients hold her in high esteem, as an easy going, caring, honest person and have faith in her abilities to support them, move forward. Particularly Charuni has the ability to emotionally uplift the persons living with Chronic Diseases (Cancer, chronic heart or kidney diseases, long term Diabetic or Hypertensive patients with compilations) to increase their quality of life. She combines her extensive background and experience with a keen interest and insights to bring out the best in a client.

Charuni is currently co-authoring a Leadership Manual for children.”

Type of Coaching or Mentoring

Type of Coaching or Mentoring


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Contact Charuni

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