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Accredited Practitioner Coach (IIC&M)

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30th November, 2017



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A few words from Emma

A few words from Emma

My name is Emma Oliver. I help my clients to become the best person they want to be; to help them make changes no matter how big or small to become their true, authentic selves who want to reach their full potential but can’t quite figure out how. There may be something my clients have been thinking about starting but have yet to start for any number of reasons and can’t quite get their heads around where to begin. It may be that they have begun but are now lacking momentum or motivation on how to continue and feeling a bit stuck on where to go next. Or, it may just be that they are completely dissatisfied in their lives but have absolutely no idea why! Therefore I help my clients to move out of this “stuck” state and explore what’s going on for them so they have a better understanding of how to move from where they are currently are to where they would like to be. I will help my clients achieve this by goal setting and removal of any obstacles and self-limiting beliefs to get them to that place where they feel happier, fulfilled and where there is purpose to their lives. After all isn’t this what life is all about?!

I believe greatly in passion. That is, that overwhelming emotional enthusiasm about something that you love, but feel disappointed that somehow, this does not feature in your world as it is right now. That’s where I would love to help as I know what it’s like to be in a place where you feel unfulfilled and “just ticking along”. I decided that I did not want this for my life and that’s when I made the change into coaching which I now love.

I believe in having no regrets. Life is about choice. Everybody has a choice but sometimes they feel they don’t. However to realise that they do is the greatest power they can give themselves. Even if the circumstances are a bit alien for a while perhaps taking them into something which is outside of their comfort zone, nevertheless, the choices are always there. If something is in someone’s heart and is their passion, that sense of accomplishment that someone feels when they have achieved their goals is hugely rewarding and empowering and gives them back that “spark” they feel they were lacking. What an amazing feeling!

I promise to give you the time and commitment you deserve-this is about you the entire time, and I will support you through whatever journey you are on right now. So get in touch! I very much look forward to working with you.

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Type of Coaching or Mentoring


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Contact Emma

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