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Accredited Practitioner Coach (IIC&M)

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28th February, 2018



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A few words from Margit

A few words from Margit

“You, as a potential client, might remember a time, when you felt totally alone and challenged when moving into a new role, a new challenge or leading a change. How often did you wish you had someone neutral, who believed in you and encouraged you, to run something by or help you think through next steps and supported you to get them done? How was it for you to be accepted by your colleagues as the new boss? When can you remember times during those periods where you felt totally emotionally challenged? What happened with you in these times? All of these are typical situations that Margit knows about through her clients.

Margit has been leading multicultural teams and facilitating change bringing about improved performance and results in large international organisations for 10 years, prior to becoming self-employed some 10 years ago. The title “Change Agent” stayed with her throughout her career. A native Austrian, bi-lingual in German and English, Margit lived, travelled and worked in mainland Europe, the UK and the US. She is a Leadership Guide, qualified Results, Performance and Life Coach with a Masters in Hypnosis and Neuro Linguistic Programming specialising in leadership and management development. As founder of Resolution4life and then later director of Consulting 4 Resolution Ltd she is operating her business from the UK and Austria, working with individuals and professionals in large international organisations. Margit’s coaching style is dynamic, intuitive and collaborative with a strong focus on sustained impact, underpinned by strong relationship, transition and project management skills.

Whenever possible, Margit enjoys time with her family and friends, playing golf or skiing and reading.”

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Type of Coaching or Mentoring


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