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8 week Life Coach Training Course

8 week Life Coach Training Course

  • accredited October, 2015
  • accreditation expires 31st August, 2017

The Pure Coaching Academy is an intensive and completely unique 8 week in-classroom, in person course comprising of one Saturday for 8 consecutive weeks. The course typically starts on a Saturday at 10am with a 30 minute lunch break and concludes at 3pm. A mid-weekly one hour teleconference call follows.

You will be given homework, in class exercises, role play and some exciting, thought-provoking procedures to undertake. In the classroom you will learn all the theories, ethics and life changing motivational tools you will need to be a successful coach.

If you enjoy being treated as an individual and love to learn by doing then this course is for you.

We also share all the marketing and business building techniques of accomplished experts to grow your practice and attract clients including how to gain media attention and develop your niche.

We are proud of our attractive Pure Coaching Academy manual the notes of which are delivered into your inbox following each week’s module. These are extensive and enlightening and provide all the motivational tools and techniques you will need to apply to every specific issue and need presented by your clients.

We offer incisive insights and psychological explanations which may be “hidden” behind certain behaviours or habits of your clients and the laser questions and exercises which will work to move them on and create powerful outcomes. At a glance you will have coaching solutions at your fingertips.

We promise you the best. You will feel the difference from day one.


8 week Life Coach Training Course

Learn through Distance Learning
48 hours

On-Site In Person Coach Training
55 hours
one Saturday for 8 consecutive weeks

In Person Coach Training additional information

number of training days

one hour teleconference call

Home studying is included.
Reading that is set as part of the course agenda is included.
Additional reading that is not set as part of the course agenda is included.
Outside research is included.

Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL)
is not available for this course.


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Not included in this course.

Skills Assessors

Not included in this course.


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