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Accredited Senior Coach (IIC&M)
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28th February, 2017

Suzanne Simcox ASC



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  • Corporate Coaching – Entrepreneurial

Short Description

Short Description

“What makes me unique as an Executive Coach?”

My intuition, life experience and the training I have received in the award winning Power Coaching® with Mind-Kinetics® methodologies from Coaching & Leadership International. They have the largest number of coaching methodologies in the industry and I am trained with them at the Senior Certified LevelThese transformative science-based methodologies access your subconscious mind and creates the space required to identify and change behavior, as well as, assist you in finding unique solutions to issues and challenges that are present in your business, life or career.

Approach to Coaching and/or Mentoring

Approach to Coaching

 Telephone, Skype, FaceTime

A few words from the Coach or Mentor

A few words from the Coach or Mentor

Coaching Qualification and Business Experience:

  • Certified Power Coach with over 200 Coaching hours since 2012.
  • Specializes in leadership, employee engagement, EQ development and workplace/team harmonics.
  • 22 years in public service in various leadership positions in the areas of search and rescue, emergency management and marine safety.
  • Co-President of own corporation with business lines in coaching, training, consulting and specialty food products.
  • Business, Life and Executive coaching to regional directors, small business owners, municipal and federal government employees, lawyers, accountants, fitness instructors and sales groups.
  • Regular columnist who inspires people to live a dynamic life both at home and the office.
  • Possess the following academic qualifications: Graduate Certificate in Public Management & Business Administration Degree with a major in Marketing

Most Requested Topics Suzanne receives from Executive and Business Leaders include:

  • How to transform my personal leadership style.
  • How to create a more purposeful workplace.
  • How to balance EQ and IQ.
  • How to be an entrepreneur.
  • How to become more solution oriented.
  • How to create Work/Life balance.
  • How to overcome procrastination.
  • How to set achievable goals.
  • How to create more meaningful relationships.
  • How to take my business to the next level.

Sampling and Benefits of Coaching Methodologies used in sessions:

  • Life Purpose—Answers the questions “Why am I here?” and “What will make my life more meaningful?”
  • The Brain Walk ® Pentalateral Thinker—Removes the biggest boulder on your shoulder limiting you from being your best.
  • Personal Success Tools—Often wonder why you are having problems achieving goals? This one creates new beliefs, a list of skills to be acquired and a solid action plan.
  • The Brain Walk® Solutions—A client favorite! Multiple Solutions to a challenge.
  • Relationship with Self—Works to raise self-confidence and self-esteem to achieve our goals and dreams.
  • Relationship with Others—This brilliant methodology takes a microscopic look as to why you have difficulty working or living with someone. It blasts our judgments and leaves you feeling peaceful.

Type of Coaching or Mentoring

Type of Coaching

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Type of Coaching – Entrepreneurial Coaching

I have known Suzanne on a personal and professional basis for almost five years. In that time, I have been impressed by Suzanne’s ability to evaluate situations and deal with them effectively.

I have experienced Suzanne’s coaching first hand.  I believe she is an outstanding example of what can happen when an effective model such as Power Coaching® and a gifted coach are paired together.  In a very short period of time, Suzanne was able to assist me in identifying, acknowledging and releasing long‐standing emotional blocks.  She thinks well on her feet, is simultaneously grounded and intuitive and walks that fine line between challenging a client to work through trying issues but not pushing so hard that the client shuts down.

I have been very pleased with the application of the Power Coaching® model by Suzanne Simcox. I do not hesitate to refer my staff and associates to her.

Kathy D. Milliken, M.A.


Type of Coaching – Career Transition Coaching

For the past several weeks I’ve had the pleasure of working with Sue Simcox from Rock Solid Leadership.

I must admit going into coaching with Sue, I wasn’t sure what to expect.  I had talked to self proclaimed life coaches & inspirational speakers before, but left feeling no different than before.  Plus, I’ve had numerous personal & professional stumbling blocks that I’ve been trying to make sort out for years without success.

After my very first session with Sue, I was utterly floored at how she worked with me to break through my own barriers.  Sue helped me to identify my stumbling blocks, assist me with finding solutions and create action oriented goals that I now practice on a daily basis to propel me towards my dreams.  Sue uses techniques that can frankly only be described as pure freaking awesome.  (I honestly don’t know how she does it.)

I recommend Rock Solid Leadership to anyone looking to break through their next plateau in life, or needing to take their business or idea to the next level.

Thank you for helping me get to my next milestone.

Jacob MacLean
Ultimac – Making Technology Work For You.


Type of Coaching – Executive Coaching

“When I started working with Sue I was uncertain of what the coaching process would be and what we would achieve… but after one session, Sue had gained my trust and my willingness to dig deep under her professional guidance. Has it been easy? Absolutely not – but I have always been confident that the process she took me through would be a safe journey and would lead to results. I am extremely impressed at what has been achieved in just a few months.

Sue is an extremely talented coach who is delicately balances pragmatism, dreams, energy forces and spirituality to address challenges. If you are looking for someone to help you attain tangible results, Rock Solid Leadership’s Sue Simcox is your go to person. 

K. Hicken-Gaberria, CA, PMP, CFE


Type of Coaching – Leadership Coaching

Suzanne is a true master of business development and human communication. Her easy-going style is complimented by her proven technique and broad knowledge base. She helps you see the difficult things that you need to see about yourself and your work within the public service without jeopardizing respectful and trusting relationships. Suzanne embodies a winning combination of logic (IQ) and relationship (EQ) skills.

Suzanne has been a professional coach to me for the past 2 years. She has been extremely instrumental in keeping me focused on solutions, which have assisted me in achieving my goals. She is a consummate professional and has inspired fellow colleagues and myself in the government to be top performers.

Suzanne has been my coach though one of the toughest transitional periods in the public service; during workforce adjustment, Suzanne’s guidance and coaching skills helped me adjust and the result was a smooth transition into new job responsibilities. In addition, Suzanne’s coaching accelerated my professional planning and personal goals based on her knowledge, expertise and her understanding of public service values and culture. Suzanne’s unique ability to blend the academic with her extensive real-life experience as a public servant was invaluable to me.

In closing, I refer Suzanne to my colleagues in the public service, as I have been very pleased with my success that Power Coaching has had on my professional and personal life. 

R. Barcham


Type of Coaching – Life Coaching

When a person begins to listen and then to have a desire to obey her inner voice she prays for a guide who can enhance her courage to continue the challenges to be faced. With her reliable gentleness, Suzanne, as my guide, was able to assist me, with beautiful ease, to create an image of decision making. This powerful tool in 6 coaching sessions has reinforced my ability to make choices that strengthen my relationships with my friends, my family and my life. Working with Suzanne is a life enhancing experience. So with all the shades of humility, I highly recommend Suzanne and CLI.

G. Henderson-Brown

Training and Qualifications

Training and Qualifications

Training Organisation Qualification Date
Coaching and Leadership Inc. Associate Power Coach® 23rd April, 2013
Coaching and Leadership Inc. Certified Group Power Coach® 7th September, 2013
Coaching and Leadership Inc. Certified Power Coach® 7th September, 2013
Coaching and Leadership Inc. Senior Power Coach® 25th April, 2013

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Contact me

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