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A few words from Suzie

A few words from Suzie

Born in New York, moved to Switzerland in 1961. My father was in charge of marketing an American corporation coming to Europe. We were one of the first families to come over. My education was a combination of the local swiss school system followed by an international high school – my father said he felt we should also be able to read and write English. At that point our schooling was all in german with French being the secondary language, Italian the 3rd…in those days English was not on the horizon. At 19 I moved to London to study Interior Design found out that as much as I love design I was not cut out for it.  Moved to San Francisco, back to Switzerland, back to London, on to New York at that point married to a banker, back to London, on to Dorset and finally back to Switzerland in 2006 to start again as a qualified Coach! No longer married, children Tomas (30) & Ally (28).  Happier than ever! Would not change a thing but could have used some life skills along the way! My international upbringing familiarized me with cross-cultural life styles. Subsequently I enjoy an international client base. I live in Switzerland,   still divide my time between Switzerland, England and the US.

From my desire that everyone have access to simple techniques helping them move through life’s challenging situations ‘Balance – A Practical Handbook for Life’s Difficult Moments‘ was born.


Type of Coaching or Mentoring

Type of Coaching or Mentoring

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Contact Suzie

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