IIC&M Press Release


The IRCM is the first independent body to create a register of Accreditation, Professional/ Trade and Training Organisations that are currently trading.  The Approved Programme assesses these organisations to ensure the standard of coaching and mentoring is maintained and to lift the veil on the coaching and mentoring industry.  They have defined the difference between the accreditation bodies, professional/trade bodies, and training organisations.  The IRCM provides a professional register showing the approved bodies/organizations as well as those that have requested approval.

The IIC&M is the preferred accreditation body for Coaches, Mentors, and Training Providers creating excellence in the coaching and mentoring professions, and is currently the ONLY accreditation organisation to be approved by this esteemed regulatory body.

The IRCM has a duty of care to the coaching and mentoring buying public.  What the IRCM requests is that every person or organisation involved in the coaching and mentoring profession, registers to demonstrate their transparency in the work that they are doing in this profession.

We decided for the first quarter of this year to run a campaign to ‘stand out from the crowd’ we feel approval from the IRCM helps us distinguish our professionalism.

As a coach, or mentor, how do you stand out from the crowd?

Ask yourself these questions:

  • Do you take this role seriously, and as such are prepared to go the extra mile to prove you are good at what you do?
  • Is this a hobby or are you looking to establish a genuine income?
  • Are you seeking recognition and wanting to elevate your position within your industry?
  • Do you want to prove to your customers that quality is important to you?

If you can answer yes to one or more of these questions, then seriously consider accreditation.  The core competencies set by the IIC&M raise the bar globally and by receiving our accreditation you are demonstrating that you respect your role in the industry.

Client seeking coaching or mentoring will feel protected knowing that your business is part of an International organisation. We have a leadership team spanning the globe, and can draw influence and experience from different cultures.  Manned by the diligence of our operations team, no stone is unturned in maintaining those values and standards and enhancing the experience for our members.

We are proud to be the only accreditation organisation to have been cited by the IRCM as an accreditation body and are entered on to their register. We’d like you to be proud of being accredited by the IIC&M, please contact us today.

Liz Harwood AMM
IIC&M Business Development Director
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