As an applicant using the IIC&M website, you have the right to cancel your application within seven days of your application date.  Where you cancel your application you will have your payment less the WorldPay or PayPal or Bank Transfer charges refunded electronically to you.  You will be notified by email that the IIC&M has accepted your cancellation.

In the case of an applicant or organisation failing to gain accreditation at the level for which they have applied, the IIC&M will either award a lower accreditation level and/or inform the applicant or organisation of what they need to do in order to meet the accreditation criteria and postpone the accreditation until all accreditation criteria has been met.

Where the IIC&M postpones the accreditation, the applicant maybe required to pay an additional accreditation application fee.  This may occur where meeting the IIC&M accreditation involves the IIC&M in further processing.

1st January, 2004