The IIC&M Accredited and Professional Mentors exhibit the following values in their mentoring practice:

  1. Self-Love:
    Mentors consistently are mentored and self-mentor in order to stay clear and become more and more intuitive for their Clients.
  2. Compassion/Patience:
    Mentors exhibit a heartfelt desire to be of service to all Clients in all situations and mentor at the Client’s requested pace.
  3. Faith:
    Mentors have faith in themselves that they can, to the best of their ability, skilfully mentor their Clients. Mentors believe that their Clients have all the answers inside of them or can access them.
  4. Honesty:
    Mentors always tell the truth and are morally upright.
  5. Respect/Tact:
    Mentors are considerate of their Client’s feelings, thoughts, words and actions. Their mentoring questions are thoughtful of the Client’s needs.
  6. Courage:
    Mentors exhibit a bit of daring in terms of inviting the Client to “step up their game”.
  7. Caring/Kindness/Devotion:
    Mentors leave their egos in the back garden and are committed to Client self-discovery of solutions to challenges and goals. Mentors use positive words, thoughts and actions to enthusiastically create a positive environment for the Client.
  8. Creativity:
    Mentors hone their intuition in order to mentor their Clients with achievable out-of-the-box ideas.
  9. Purposefulness:
    Mentors are role models of leading meaningful lives.
  10. Humour:
    Mentors see every event in life as a learning experience and bring this philosophy of lightness into every mentoring session.
  11. Generosity:
    Mentors are willing to go beyond the call of duty to serve their Clients in a positive and respectful way. Mentors take social responsibility seriously and give back to their communities without expecting anything in return.
  12. Gratitude:
    Mentors give thanks daily for their successes knowing that the more they give thanks, the more they will receive it.


Issue 1: July, 2013