The following options give you all the information you require to apply for and gain your course or workshop accreditation:

Accreditation Application Requirements

Explanatory Notes

Core Competencies

Key Values

Standards and Ethics
Complaints Procedure

Declaration of Integrity

Apply for your Course/Workshop Accreditation

Applying for Multiple Courses and Workshops Accreditation

Franchise Holders or Licensees
application where the course/workshop is currently accredited
and you hold a Franchise or License to market, sell, and train the course.

Declaration of Integrity

Annual Accreditation Review

The accreditation process will commence as soon as you submit all your documentation.  Once you have submitted your application, work through each step of the explanatory notes in line with your accreditation requirements and notify the Accreditation Department as soon as you are ready to submit your documentation.

For further information or to ask any questions, please email the Accreditation Department.

Issue 5, June, 2014