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Welcome to International Coaching Week
a week you do not want to miss

16 – 22 May, 2016

What is International Coaching Week?


International Coaching Week was launched in 1999 with the purpose of placing the coaching profession firmly in the public eye globally.  Coaching has come a long way since those early days but the raison d’etre of International Coaching Week remains the same.

To this end, in support of International Coaching Week and in celebration of coaching, IIC&M have put together a daily programme of webinars, from a wide selection of coaches internationally.  They will be giving you interesting insights into their world, for those of you who are considering training to become coaches or who would like to understand how coaching can help you move forward in your lives both professionally and personally.

Presenters will also be talking about a wide range of topics aligned to coaching and new methodologies, so if you are already practicing as a coach, you will definitely want to plug in to this week as well.

Many of the presenters will be featured in our Insight Magazine, together with a host of other information and interesting articles, which is free to IIC&M members otherwise available through the IIC&M.

International Coaching Week is a week we can all benefit from and enjoy.

We warmly invite you to engage and participate with us in this space.

The History of International Coaching Week

ICW 2016

This logo was designed by Thomas Leonard, one of the pioneers in the coaching field, in 2001. When he heard about Coaching Week he created the logo and became one of its earliest sponsors, along with the International Coach Federation.

Thomas Leonard logo

International Coaching Week

May 16 — 22, 2016   |   Celebrating 18 years

In 1999 I created International Coaching Week. Its purpose is to provide a week each year to educate the public about the value of working with a personal, business or executive coach and to provide an opportunity for coaches and their clients to acknowledge the results and progress made through the coaching process. Coaches offer a variety of pro bono services in their communities during the week, including free coaching sessions, lectures and workshops.

In an interview I said, “I am really pleased that so many coaches are participating in International Coaching Week. It is very gratifying to know that so many people are offering pro bono coaching and other community events in such a heartfelt way. When I started National Coaching Week (which later became International Coaching Week) in 1999, I had no idea that it would soon take on a life of its own. I really am delighted that this Week is becoming a focal point for both publicizing coaching worldwide and providing the public with a sense of the possibilities that coaching offers.”

History of International Coaching Week

I created International Coaching Week in 1999 as a way to promote the profession of coaching. Originally called National Personal and Business Coaching Week, I listed it in “Chase’s Calendar of Events” (a major American PR tool) and it was held the first week of February, 1999.

In 2000 Canadian coaches wanted to participate, so I changed the name to International Personal and Business Coaching Week; in 2000 the International Coach Federation (ICF) helped publicize the week by mentioning it in their newsletter and also by sending special Coaching Week email blasts to members and chapters.

In 2001 the ICF prepared a sample press release for coaches to customize and use to publicize their participation in Coaching Week, and also gave its members a list of suggested events (e.g., pro bono coaching, free teleclasses, etc.) to inspire them to participate in their own way. Also in 2001, Thomas Leonard picked up the idea and ran with it. He created a Coaching Week page on his Coachville website, designed a logo, and offered to post coaches’ press releases and listings of Coaching Week events on his site.

In 2002 Thomas created a CoachingWeek.com website, and invited coaches to post their events on it. I continued to network with the ICF, Coachville and various coaches to promote the week.  Thomas liked the idea that Coaching Week belonged to no one particular individual or organization.  As he wrote me on August 2, 2002, “I like your non-owned approach to CW; that way everyone can say they are a sponsor.”

Since 2002, International Coaching Week has gained tremendous momentum.  It is now celebrated worldwide, with events held in such disparate countries as Kenya, Uzbekistan and India.  I am so happy that the International Institute of Coaching and Mentoring is such a big supporter.

Jerri Udelson

Book your place at the live Q&A. The Panel will be answering your questions about Coaching in the 21st Century

IIC&M Panel

Nikki Wild ASC – Host

David Monro-Jones AMC ASM – Managing Director

Adele McCormack APC – Intl. Head of Excellence

Barbara Cormack AFC AFM – Intl. Head of Accreditation

Dawn Campbell AMC AMM – Intl. Head of Sales


Who is Speaking?
Celebrate International Coaching Week 2016 with the IIC&M Sri Lanka/Maldives Ambassadors

Following Article had been published on 8th May, 2016 on Sunday Times Newspaper
in Sri Lanka on activities for upcoming International Coaching Week

International Coaching Week
May 16-22, 2016
A week you do not want to miss….

International Coaching Week was launched in 1999 with the purpose of placing the coaching profession firmly in the ‘global’ public eye. In support of International Coaching Week, International Institute of Coaching and Mentoring (IIC&M) has put together a daily programme of free webinars, from well respected coaches worldwide from 16-22 May, 2016.

The IIC&M was founded in 1999 with the aim to raise professionalism within the mentoring and coaching industry through accreditation worldwide. It is the preferred Accreditation Body for Mentors, Coaches, Training Providers and Clients. IIC&M is the first accreditation body to be approved by International Regulator of Coaching and Mentoring (IRCM) in recongnition of calibre of service to the industry.

Coaching focuses on helping another person learn in ways that let him or her keep growing from present to the future, to achieve his/her life’s full potential. It is based on asking rather than telling, on provoking thought rather than giving directions and on holding a person accountable for his or her goals. Coaching applies to every industry where human interactions are involved to bring about amazing results personally and professionally. It applies to Corporate sector, education, medical, political, and all other professions equally.

International Academy of Mentoring and Coaching (IAMCasia) joins hands with IIC&M to celebrate Coaching Week through a variety of activities such as creating awareness of both professions, launching introductory course of mentoring and coaching and organizing a free-of-charge celebrating evening with sharing insights on how coaching can help you grow personally and professionally.

For more information please visit: http://www.ICW.expert

To take part in local activities with IAMCasia Email to: info@IAMCasia.com
call Hotline – 0773 322 733

GMW_Charuni SenanayakeDr Charuni Senanayake
International Institute of Coaching and Mentoring (IIC&M)


You are invited to celebrate International Coaching Week 2016
with the Sri Lanka/Maldives IIC&M Ambassadors


Insight - a Celebration of Coaching

Insight – brought to you by the IIC&M.

May 2016 Celebration of Coaching


ICW Webinar Schedule

Webinars are being run daily by a variety of professional coaches

Over the week, there are a host of fantastic and in-depth webinars covering all aspects of coaching. Whether you are new to the discipline, or looking to find out how to bring coaching to your organisation or team, or perhaps you are looking to change your career! We will have the expert on hand to take you through these topics and more!

Click on the image and book your place on the webinar.

Monday 16th May, 2016
Tuesday 17th May, 2016
Wednesday 18th May, 2016
Thursday 19th May, 2016
Friday 20th May, 2016
Saturday 21st May, 2016
Sunday 22nd May, 2016


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